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Poor Old Santa Claus
05-17-2018, 12:55 AM
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Big Grin Poor Old Santa Claus
Poor old Santa Claus. Sometimes h-e gets a bad rap. People say h-e doesnt represent Xmas well. People say h-e doesnt set an example for Christians enjoying December 25. And people saygasp!that h-e doesnt even exist. Plus, there are some people out there who are trying to confuse only who Santa is. Is he really Saint Nicolas? Or is he some imposter, some large elf from the North Pole who would like to get credit for precisely what Saint Nick has done and stands for.

Frightening stuff, right? Well, if you are getting too upset by these anti-Santa ideas, perhaps you should stop reading this short article now. I-t only gets worse the deeper you enter into these anti-Santa practices.

Are you currently still around? Great, since to maintain our picture of Santa Clausour jolly old manwe have to know why individuals are out to get him. Browse here at the link like to discover when to recognize it. Tell Us What You Think includes further about why to see about it. Then, and only then, can we stop them from trashing the good name of the person in the red suit.

First off, these anti-Santa people admit that Santa has some really great qualities. Hes always cheerful and happy. He always has fun activities and presents to provide, and he is always generous (unless you're naughty, of-course). But here's where these anti-Santa people end with the comments. You see, they say that Santa, with all his goodness, is just for children and perhaps not for grownups.

Even worse, they say that Santa is just around these days to make money for big Eastern shopping syndicates. Hes just here to produce other a sale to people. All that stuff about Santa spreading good cheer, and giving gifts, is all composed, they say. Visiting A Special Crystal Animal Figurine seemingly provides lessons you can give to your mother. The actual purpose of the man with the red hat and the white beard is to get us to eat, to spend money, to provide gifts exactly like Santa does.

This is awful anti-Santa stuff, right? Well, believe it or perhaps not, it gets worse. These anti-Santa people carry on to mention that Santa cant be assumed because he flies around the globe in a sleigh. Obviously, the anti-Santa people have no belief in Rudolph. And speaking of faith, the people also state that Santa takes away from the actual intent behind Xmas, which is to enjoy Baby Jesus.

You see, these anti-Santa persons say the actual Saint Nicolas surpasses Santa. H-e was a real person, they say, who believed and practiced goodwill to all men, women, and kids. He was kind and generous, and was a sincere believer in Baby Jesus. And Santa isnt real, they say?

Had enough? Me too. Heres ways to realize that these anti-Santa folks are way off base. What these anti-Santa persons dont comprehend is the fact that Saint and Santa Nick are one and the same. So you cant say that Saint Nick surpasses Santa, or that Santa is burning Saint Nicks model. St Nick is Santa! Together, as you, they represent all that is great about Christmas, and all that we must exercise every day, not only December 2-5.

So, please, anti-Santa bashers, please keep the big man alone. Hes never done anything but provide vacation cheer, love for humankind, and a lot of fun.

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